Quarantine Sale!

Not to make light of a serious situation, but a lot of us are practicing social distancing and staying home from events, while under self- or official quarantine. For introverts and book-lovers, the silver lining is getting to curl up at home and binge. The truth is, I was already planning an online paperback sale, to unload extra stock cluttering up my house. So what better time for books than when we need to self-entertain at home?

Remember that sunlight is a disinfectant, so don’t hide away completely! Make sure you still get fresh air, sun, and exercise. But you can stock up on stories (and they take less room to store than bulk toilet paper).

I am selling autographed paperbacks at or below retailer non-autographed price (plus flat rate shipping). For readers outside the US, please email directly to order and your shipping will be calculated at cost.

Nearly every book is available and on sale. Check https://lauravanarendonkbaugh.com/shop/ for prices. You can have a book personalized or just signed or blank, your choice.

And no worries — I promise to wash my hands before signing and shipping! :)

Good Spell Gone Bug

Want drama? Catch up on epic fantasy Shard & Shield or Blood & Bond to be ready for book #3. Want escapism? The hilarious urban fantasy “Good Spell Gone Bug” just came out in ebook and will be available soon in audio. Or check out any of the many other titles available.

In the meanwhile, stay sane and stay safe. Wash your hands. :)

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