One Moment In Time: A Photo Essay

Yesterday and this morning a strange thing happened, and this is what it looks like:

Shard & Shield, #1 Bestseller Epic Fantasy
#1 Military Fantasy, #1 Sword & Sorcery, #1 Epic Fantasy
keyboard smash happy bouncing woman

I know enough to know it won’t stay, and it’ll probably never happen again, but pics so it did happen.

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  1. Shard & Shield may stay on top for a while! Enjoy your success!

  2. That’s pretty amazing! I had no idea that such a thing could happen with only 24 reviews. (Obviously, I’ve never researched the requirements for “Amazon bestseller” in a category…) I’m super excited and thrilled about this, and I love that it doesn’t matter how fleeting it is — you can now say forever after, “I’m an bestselling author,” and have a screenshot to prove it! :-D

    • Unlike the NYT editorial list of “books we want to call bestsellers,” this is just about the number of copies moving — which means it will also disappear quickly when something else sells! But I’m totally keeping these screenshots anyway. :)

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