Of Names and Nuance

Sometimes writers are clever. Really, really clever.

There’s a character named Frangit in the Shard of Elan series, because his purpose is to break. In one scene Shianan argues fiercely that something has never, ever happened, and he believes it, but the careful reader will note that in his emotion he’s deceived himself, as we often do. I take great pride in slipping absolutely-true-but-also-misleading statements into the mouths of kitsune and Fae.

And sometimes, words are chosen just for their convenience. Like poor Mage Whittaker in the Shard & Shield preorder bonus short “Wings & War,” who happened to be written into existence while I was in a tourist cottage in New Zealand, taking advantage of one of my many favorite things about New Zealand.

Whittaker Chocolate Hokey Pokey bar

Look, we’re just lucky not to have a side character named Nomnomnom, okay?

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