Marathon livestream for charity! Please join me.

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November 3 is a particularly significant day in the United States, laying out a path for the future.

But in fact, we can re-write the future every day, with thousands of choices. And you can make me give you an early glimpse of Kin & Kind.

If you’ve been online with me for a while, you know that slavery and trafficking is something I am against — and something we can fight with tiny daily decisions, from the brand of chocolate bar we eat to the clothing we purchase, as well as the more obvious issues like the porn industry.

So on November 3 I will be live-streaming all day to raise money for IJM to fight slavery and exploitation.

Want to help? Support freedom by making a donation! The process is fast, easy, and secure, it’s tax-deductible, and you can rest assured that your gift will help to bring people out of slavery and into restoration.

So what will be happening during the livestream? I’m glad you asked.

Beginning at 10 am (all times are Eastern), I will be writing live. On screen. In front of the whole internet. This is not how I work. It is a huge stretch for me to let you peek over my shoulder, so take advantage of it!

Then at 2 pm, Rhonda Parrish (Canada) will join me to talk about writing, editor, poetry, and whatever else comes up — we’ve done a fair amount of work together, so I’m sure there will be stories or opinions.

At 3 pm, Erica Berglund and Mark Della-Croce (US) will come on to talk about story in tabletop roleplaying games. I’m really looking forward to this!

At 4 pm, we’ll be joined by Lee Murray (New Zealand), a three-time Bram Stoker award nominee and editor, who will be chatting about story and reading from a new release.

And then at 5 pm, Grace Bridges (New Zealand) will come to talk about the exciting setting of Rotorua and geothermal superheroes.

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From 6 until 8, I’ll write, chat, answer questions about my books, reveal the cover of Kin & Kind, and caffeinate.

Throughout the day, there will be giveaways! Giveaways may be entered by donating to the cause, or using “Awesomeness Tokens” earned by watching the stream, or just by showing up. Prizes (watch for updates) include but are not limited to:

while you yet breathe there is hope
  • The Story Grid ($35 writing craft book)
  • “Writer” sticker from Karmada Arts
  • “Team Oxford Comma” sticker
  • “While You Yet Breathe, There Is Hope” stickers from the Shard of Elan series
  • get a custom poem from Rhonda Parrish
  • professional edit/critique from Rhonda Parrish

And, when we hit $200 in donations, I will read the first chapter of Kin & Kind. If we hit $500, I will read or release the first three chapters. (I reserve the right to release via special download in case my voice is dead after 10 hours.)

You can donate early or during the marathon livestream at our campaign page. Together we can have fun, survive a tough day for Americans, and do good for those who need extra protection. Thanks for your help!

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  1. Many thanks for doing this! Together we can be the heroines and heroes of the anti-slavery and anti-sex trafficking story!

  2. This sounds amazing, all around! So much benefit to those who come to listen AND to those IJM is helping around the world. Great idea, Laura!

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