Make Like A Tree and Stay Right Here

It has been an absolute whirlwind of a month or so. I celebrated the release of Shard & Shield, I attended the Realm Makers writing conference in St. Louis, I attended and taught at Gen Con in Indianapolis, I was home approximately 24 hours and then took off to attend and teach at When Words Collide in Calgary, then drove south to tiny Rachel, Nevada where I holed up for several days at the Little A’le’Inn (just outside Area 51) to work on Blood & Bond and hit the road for the ET Full Moon Marathon (I did the half), and then I drove home. (More on much of these to come.)

The last trip is officially the longest I have undertaken in my electric car, 5475 miles (8811 km) exactly. I arrived home early this morning after driving all night, greeted my dogs, and face-planted into bed.

The dogs were happy to have me again and want me to stay home for a while, so apparently they conspired with the weather itself. Though the forecast predicted a 40% chance of scattered showers, a storm arrived with unusual suddenness and strength. I actually stared out the window at the curious storm force which took the midday sky to twilight and could see it pouring rain in one section of my yard while another had primarily violent wind, before it all settled into more typical rain.

I was looking out the wrong window.

There’re no groceries in my house, since I was traveling, so I arranged to go out to dinner with family, which is when I discovered that I live here now. No, I mean even more so than usual. An enormous beech, one of the avenue of old trees that line our drive, had fallen across the gate and drive.

That is thousands of pounds of tree — a fact I was very aware of as I wriggled under and through the branches supporting it above the gravel — across my only exit.

So now I’m waiting for a tree service to respond and promise my liberation. Good thing I was already planning to work from home tomorrow!

Update! Tree folks are here to work. Tree guy: “It didn’t look that bad in the photos, but that’s a big tree!”

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  1. It is good that the tree did not fall on you, your dogs, your house, or your car! Do take care of yourself. (((Hugs)))

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