Kin & Kind, at last

So I was having an exchange with someone who ordered a paperback copy of Kin & Kind for a friend, trying to make sure she understood that it would not reach her friend before Christmas, and was that still okay?

“I’m ordering it for her before the book was even supposed to be out!”

Well, that’s a valid point, if the book was still on schedule it wouldn’t even be on sale before Christmas, so you make a good argument and thank you. :)

Because, yes, Kin & Kind is releasing early!

I let that news out in yesterday’s newsletter. My Patreon fam got early access to the book last week, and then this week I realized that it would reach its final form (by which I mean completed just one more proofreading and such, not that it has become a mega boss) and there would be no reason not to go ahead and release it before the date set a year ago.

I adjusted the pre-order date and let that new date roll out across stores. Most retailers should be delivering the book by this weekend; a few may be slower (but still sooner than expected!).

Or, if you’re the instant gratification type, you can buy the ebook directly from me and get it in a hot minute.

The hardback edition will be coming in the near future. The paperback is live now on Amazon and at any moment on other retailers, and I’m accepting orders for signed paperbacks here. Those will ship as soon as I get them to sign (I have a complete shipping system here at home, no trip to the post office needed, I can be fast!) but they are definitely not going to be reliable Christmas gifts, I’m sorry.

But, as has been pointed out, they’re still going to arrive earlier than originally planned. :)

I hope you love the final novel in the Shard of Elan series!

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