It’s been a rough couple of scenes….

I’m at our annual creative retreat, working on rewrites for Kin & Kind, the final installment of the Shard & Shield trilogy.

We are six writers and artists, including K.T. Ivanrest, Timekeeper Art, “And Sewing Is Half the Battle!”, and Burnt Cookie Books. We are eating obscene amounts of leftover Halloween candy and working on various creative projects. We have a big page on the wall to record achievements, demon tomatoes, in-context and out-of-context quotes, helpful reminders, etc.

a long sheet of paper with multi-colored quotes and drawings
Lots of random stuff.

Right now I’m adding new material, and it’s… a bit rough on my story world. My colleagues have added an at-retreat tally to the wall board.

Death Toll: Laura 74, Everyone Else 1
Death Toll: Laura 74, Everyone Else 1

Look, it’s a critical point in history, okay? There are wars and rumors of wars, and the stakes are high. It’ll all sort out in the end. We hope.

I also want to share this delightful image from Timekeeper Art. She says there may be stickers available, so stay tuned!

Quoth the raven, NaNo More! by Timekeeper Art

So far my NaNoWriMo is going extremely well (rewrites are a lot faster than writing from scratch). Tonight I will celebrate with s’mores. How are my fellow WriMos doing thus far?

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  1. I need that sticker, seriously. Glad you’re having an awesome retreat!

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