I’m Back

Sorry for the quiet around here.

Laura and new Guide Dogs for the Blind puppy

Laura and new Guide Dogs for the Blind puppy

It started when I was blindsided earlier this month, and I kind of lost the Muse for a while. Then I went to speak at ClickerExpo, which is really fantastically awesome but kind of required all my energy. And then, I brought someone home from ClickerExpo with me.

So I’m recovering and I have good writing and editing ideas again, but I’m dividing attention and priorities, because this is some really important work and it’s not just for one team but a whole project. And she’s distracting, especially during this critical development period which I really need to take behavioral advantage of.

If you want to follow her adventures and career, you can join us over at my behavior blog. But never fear, I am working again over here. Even got a draft of Con Job done and revisions in progress on a fantasy novella. More to come!

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  1. I’m sorry again about Laev. From your posts and pictures, she looked like she was happy, despite her illness.

    You’ll be a great temporary mom to the puppy, whose pictures never get any less adorable, and whoever gets her once she’s trained will be lucky to have her.

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