Hide a Book Day 2017

Hide A Book Day September 18thWouldn’t you love to be trudging along on a terrible day and then suddenly find a new-to-you book to take home and brighten your day?

Well, okay, you’d probably prefer to avoid the terrible day in the first place and just find the new book on an already-awesome day. That’s good, too.

Anyway, both possibilities can be real, and you can help make it real for yourself and others, by participating in the first Hide A Book Day.

The event is organized by Goodreads, and readers are encouraged to tuck a favorite book in a place where it’s likely to be found by someone else who will enjoy it. You can leave a note (one is provided, or write your own) to explain that yes, this book isn’t lost, it’s for you, please enjoy it. (And review it. As an author, that’s my own additional request. Thank you.)

And of course, you might find a book someone has thoughtfully hidden for you.

So I may be hiding a couple of books on Monday. What about you?

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