Hey, Gold Star!

Brag moment! Even though I get no real credit for this one.

I’ve been an avid appreciator of Joel Friedlander’s The Book Designer site for some years, and I keep an eye on his cover design awards and commentary as a useful educational tool (and a fun one). I’ve entered several of my covers, commissioned and self-designed, and gotten nice feedback on them. But this month I landed the coveted gold star.

Gold Star, The Book Designer's E-Book Cover Design Awards

Boom, baby! That’s for Damonza’s gorgeous work on The Songweaver’s Vow.

The Songweaver's Vow

Ain’t it pretty?

In unrelated news, I spent some time this morning talking with editor Katie Morford about Shard & Shield and getting it together for release. I hope to have news on that front as the year progresses.

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  1. And the book is good inside too , so far ;-) — I just started reading it this a.m. (finally) and had to pull myself away!

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