Happy Halloween!

So this is what was waiting for me when I flew home through Hurricane Sandy turbulence and walked in the front door.

McCoy the skeleton, at my table
McCoy the skeleton, at my table

Isn’t that grand? My husband rocks.

English: Vincent Price in House on Haunted Hil...
English: Vincent Price in House on Haunted Hill – cropped screenshot (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That’s McCoy, by the way (please, please don’t make me have to explain that name — just ask a nerd), and I bought him a couple of weeks ago to dance along in our Learn to Dance Thriller! workshops at the public library. Jon had retrieved McCoy from the Historic Artcraft Theatre after he also participated in showings of The House of Haunted Hill, sponsored by my costuming group “…And Sewing Is Half the Battle!”

I don’t know if I’ll have room to take him to the NaNoWriMo kick-off write-in party at Indy Reads. If McCoy goes, though, I know I’ll outwrite at least one attendee. I’ve been hard at work on my non-fiction manuscript this week, so it’s going to be a big gear shift for me.

EM Castellan”s blog put me onto this new Halloween tradition:

You can learn more here.

And, finally, I think it’s illegal — or should be — to have a Halloween without an Edward Gorey image, so….

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