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As some of you may know, Amazon is launching a new serial fiction platform later this summer. I’m looking at putting one or maybe two new stories on it — brand new material with characters you haven’t seen. (One was actually intended to be a serial, years ago, but I have been working on the Shard of Elan series instead, so this may be the nudge I needed!)

But I don’t like to make things Amazon exclusive; I want people to be able to use other platforms as well. And I’ve been kicking around for a while the idea of special content for members or subscribers. So I would love your opinions on how you like to get material and what special perks you enjoy with supporting creators outside of just buying finished products.

So please let me know your preferences and ideas below, so I can make things for you! Thanks!

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Please check all that you feel apply to you. If you want to explain anything or add suggestions, please do contact me! Thank you!
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  1. From what I see at, Amazon gets the lion’s share of any profit. That does not sound like a good way to support an author. I have no idea how Vella compares to regular Kindle, or to print editions (for author profits).

    The Token concept sounds a bit iffy, too. The pricing structure for Kindle and print editions should work as well for the serials. Buying tokens from a third party? Seriously?

    I think Amazon needs to go back to the drawing board on the serial concept.

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