Fox! Origami Kitsune

Multi-talented reader Emilia sent me this photo of an origami kitsune she folded. (Folded? Created? What’s the right verb there?) The original origami design is by Hideo Komatsu.

kitsune origami sitting on cover of KITSUNT-TSUKI

Emilia lamented that she could not find any designs with multiple tails. But if you recall, Tsurugu folded an origami fox with just one tail, so I think that makes this “authentic to the scene” or something.

Thanks for sharing this, Emilia!

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  1. That is gorgeous. I’ve tried to make them before, but I have no skill at origami. This person has obviously put time into their art.

  2. Yes, she did a marvelous job! I think the only way to get multiple tails would have to be either starting with a very thin and very large sheet of paper – difficult! Or converting the design to kirigami which I think is the word for any origami that has had scissors help the creation.

  3. Strictly speaking, the correct verb would be 折りました or perhaps 作りました but I think what you wanted was the English verb – either folded or created works for me there. :D.

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