Fantasy For Footholds: A Fundraiser

There’s a lot going on right now, things are bleak, and while escaping into a fantasy world looks very attractive, it can also feel very weak and selfish. How can I hide in the safety of a world I control while hospitals and evacuation routes are bombed, while “patriots” attack Americans for their names or ethnicities, while parents bring their children to a refugee station and then leave them behind as they return to fight? Who am I to sit comfortably at my desk while all that happens?

I’m a worldbuilder, that’s who I am. And it’s time we build a better world.

We need story as footholds in a treacherous time. Escapism is not always a bad thing; it can be relief and rest before we venture back out into the fight. Fantasy allows us to process events and emotions through a safely darkened lens rather than facing them in direct overwhelm. I will write to provide a foothold, and I invite others to create more footholds.

Please join me to support WorldVision’s disaster relief and humanitarian aid efforts as they work in Ukraine and neighboring countries. WorldVision is a vetted charity with excellent ratings on resource use and a mission to help all in need regardless of faith, creed, race, etc. 

Donations happen here, or read on for more details on all this.

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Wednesday, Mar 15, 10am Eastern
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How It Works

I’m writing a story. I’ll write it through March and probably beyond, until it’s finished, including in livestreaming writing sessions. I’ll walk transparently through the entire process from brainstorming to layout and formatting, even with live editing streamed with a professional editor (Mar 29, 7pm EDT). I’ll “auction” off fun aspects of the story, such as character naming, for donations. At the end of the project, I’ll give away the cool stone dagger that inspired it, with extra chances for donors.

I found this carved selenite dagger at a geology show and I knew it had to be in a story. Yes, it’s relatively useless as an actual dagger—selenite is very soft—but that’s where the magic comes in, of course!

When we’re finished, I’ll give away the dagger itself and more carved selenite nuggets as secondary prizes.

I announced the project live on Twitch, and we promptly had $180 in donations because my people are amazing. (Unfortunately the meter wasn’t updating, so ignore that.)

What Can I Co-Write With A Donation?

I need to put some restrictions on names and plot twists, to make sure the story holds together at the end. But I’ll honor the original suggestion as closely as I can while keeping the story’s consistent flavor (maybe “Norman” will become “Narmon” in the manuscript). Please think desert-y thoughts as you invent story components.

  • cute animal mascot character (KT Ivanrest)
  • river name ($25, available)
  • ship name ($25, available)
  • plot twist ($75, available)
  • more to come!

Email me with the name/email address associated with your donation to claim your story contribution.

Who Gets Into The Drawing?

The drawing for the dagger will be open to all! But the following people will have extra entries in the hat (and yes, they stack, so you could have 8 entries in all!):

  • donors to the fundraiser (2 extra entries)
  • supporters at Patreon (2 extra entries)
  • subscribers on Twitch hint: use your Amazon Prime account to subscribe for free! (2 extra entries)
  • subscribers to my newsletter (1 extra entry)

What If I’m Donating Elsewhere?

Look, I’m not jealous about donations, and if you’ve found another organization you feel good about, by all means, give! There are many ways to help. Thank you! For the purposes of the giveaway, only donations to this particular WorldVision campaign will count for additional entries.

What Happens to the Story?

That’s a great question. It’s not written yet, and I’m not sure what exactly it’s going to be after all your contributions, so it’s hard to plan its future! It will most likely be available directly from my website once it’s finished, but I reserve the slim possibility of doing something else with it if that seems like a good idea.

Donate here, and thank you!

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