A FAE Fried Pork Tenderloin

the sign of the Steer-In restaurant, featuring a horned steer in a convertible
The Steer-In, east Indianapolis

So I didn’t get to have any special-occasion mead or chocolate or anything for the release of Fae two days ago, so when I was invited to lunch yesterday I wanted it to be slightly celebratory. My friend Emi hadn’t had a traditional Hoosier fried pork tenderloin sandwich as mentioned in the story, and Mark and Alena were willing, so we all headed to the Steer-In.

I’d been to the Steer-In only once, but it is of a type quite common in Indiana, and it’s a local classic. It’s often voted to the top of pork tenderloin lists, so it seemed a good choice. And for those who haven’t been to a traditional Indiana drive-in (many of which no longer serve to the car, or never did, but are still known as drive-ins), here’s a typical specimen.

My pork tenderloin was a little overdone, but others said theirs were good, and I quite enjoyed my vanilla Coke.

But then, I noticed something on the back wall.

childrens drawings pinned around a menu on a wall

There were children’s drawings on the back wall.

As I said, I’d been to the Steer-In only once, and from where I sat there it’s likely I hadn’t seen the drawings. I certainly didn’t remember them. I didn’t base the Steer & Beer in “And Only the Eyes of Children” on the Steer-In; it’s an amalgamation of all the typical Hoosier drive-ins where I’ve eaten. On the other hand, it’s possible I noticed the drawings subconsciously, and that’s why the Steer & Beer is papered with kids’ artwork. Well, that and plot reasons.

Later that night, I got a text message from someone else, who said she was having a pork tenderloin sandwich for dinner because of my story.

Yep. /dusts hands/ My work here is done.

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  1. WEIRD, re the children’s artwork on the wall, after reading your story! :D

    Neat post! :) Only I wasn’t invited to come along for the sandwiches and Emi’s first tenderloin experience!

    For what it’s worth (and for future reference), the fried pork tenderloin I had from the NBO was quite good.

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