Equus Battle Royale: Fight!

Equus Battle Royale with horse silhouettesIT HAS BEGUN.

/Mortal Kombat music plays/

I need your help! Today is the first round of the Equus Battle Royale, and my war unicorns are up!

Please go to the voting page and read all about the combatants, and then vote to advance my valiant war unicorns, Nova and Reaver.

white horse head with black title text EQUUSAnd to sweeten the deal, because blatant bribery has not been outlawed from this game, how’s this: if Nova and Reaver move to the next bracket, I’ll post a scene from my current work in progress, a little Mrs. Claus vs. vampire. Sound good? Yeah. So if you want to recruit some additional votes and unlock the scene, you can share this on your favorite social media:

And we’re using the hashtag #EquusFight.

/cracks knuckles/ Let’s do this! Vote early, vote often!

Yes, this is all in good fun. There’s nothing personal between author Diana Hurlburt and me. It’s just for bragging rights. Which is very serious business.


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