Equine Battle Royale!

white horse head with black title text EQUUSPrepare for battle!

The authors of Equus have agreed to fight it out. We will pitch our equine heroes against one another in classic RPG style until only one remains to claim the title.

There can be only one. /lightning bolts everywhere/

And you, dear readers, you will help to determine the outcome. Because voting is a thing, and your vote matters.

(Just to be clear, you’re not voting for stories or authors — you’re voting for whether this equine star could beat up that equine star. It’s the literary horsey equivalent of “Who would win in a fight, Wolverine or Super Saiyan Goku?” It’s all in good fun!)

My story is up in the first round, on May 2, when my “Rue the Day” goes against Diana Hurlburt’s “Eel and Bloom.” I don’t want to brag or anything, but since the unicorns in “Rue the Day” are specifically war-trained unicorns serving in a unicorn cavalry, it seems likely that they are well-prepared for this match. /cracks knuckles/

black and white photo of 20-sided die showing a 1

photo, Wikimedia

On the other hand, we authors will be competing as well, rolling dice to steal votes from one another. This gives Diana a certain leg up (equestrian reference!), as I’ll be using my usual tabletop RPG dice and tower, which of late have been trying to murder me. (Last game, I had to fail three rolls in a row to become petrified in the first round of a fight, which I nailed handily with a natural one and spent the next two hours locked down while my party carried the fight. Yeah, Diana’s horses might be just fine.)

You can read up on the battle over at editor Rhonda Parrish’s blog. Stay tuned, because on May 2, I’ll need your votes!

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  1. The problem with tanks (ie your unicorns) is that they aren’t always super smart. If Diana’s contender has any kind of charm or trickery going for it, your unicorn might be in trouble.

    *cough* No, I don’t speak from experience, why do you ask? ;)

    • Oh, drat, you have a good point. I mean, my unicorns ARE intelligent, of course they are, but they might be better suited to melee than a subtle duel. And it is well-documented in folklore that unicorns are very susceptible to charm and allure.

      I’m doomed!

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