Cover Reveal: The Windward King!

Join me today for a shiny new cover, this time for The Windward King.

The Windward King has tree-dragons, platonic relationships, sibling drama, self-doubt, so much sweet fried dough, and a sweet, cute, shapeshifter protagonist who totally does not know the fangirling he’s about to get.

But we came here to talk about the cover, so:

I’m a big fan of the second-glance-reveal kind of cover (antlers!) and this one has some subtle N.C. Wyeth vibes with that dreamy virtual brushwork.

But covers are only so much, and there’s a story, too:

He can change how he looks—but not who he is.

All his life, Shara has struggled to keep up with the rest of his shapeshifter clan. A poor shifter with little talent and even less confidence, he excels only at inadequacy.

When his determination to prove himself results in the brutal injury of a clanmate, Shara flees his home in shame. Taking refuge in the human capital city, he resolves to become as inconsequential as possible—until the prince regent is abducted days before his coronation and Shara is forced to take his place.

Thrust into a world of controlling advisors, scheming pirates, and calculating dignitaries, Shara fumbles through his royal duties. His next mistake could spell disaster for the entire kingdom, but he may also be the only person capable of seeing beyond old prejudices to the truth of the prince’s disappearance.

But if he’s going to stop a war, find the prince, and return to his life of invisibility, he’ll have to rely on the one person he knows for sure he can’t trust—himself.

I’ve read this one, and you’ll want the preorder link (and the preorder is on sale, too). Or, you can still sign up for an advance review copy and get it early. The Windward King by K.T. Ivanrest releases October 29, 2021.

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  1. Color me intrigued! Got my pre-order in. Love the cover (and your comparison to Wyeth’s work, one of my faves) and it definitely made a difference that you recommended it personally after having read it!

    • Yay! I’m so glad you appreciate Wyeth, too. I hope you enjoy TWK when it comes! :)

      • “The Passing of Robin Hood” marked my soul forever. Partly because it was such a moving moment of the legend’s life, and partly because Wyeth brought it to life so well.

        He had a lot of great Robin Hood illustrations, actually. And that era’s whole classic adventure genre was littered with Wyeth illustrations… King Arthur, Robin Hood, all the Robert Louis Stevenson stuff.

        Ah, thanks for the trip down illustrator memory lane. John William Waterhouse was one I rediscovered after 20+ minutes of browsing in search of vague memories of fabulous paintings…

        Back to work now!

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