Cover Reveal: The Songweaver’s Vow!

The Songweaver's VowI’m so excited about this, you guys. I worked on this book for over a year, and it’s finally ready and it’s coming soon. And today I get to share the official cover reveal with you.

Ready? (Say yes, please, because I am.)

The Songweaver's Vow

In case you haven’t seen me enthusing here on the blog or on social media thus far, here’s the gist of The Songweaver’s Vow.

Euthalia is rejected as a bride, traded to Viking raiders, and sacrificed to a strange god.

After that, things get interesting.

When Euthalia’s father trades her to Viking raiders, her best hope is to be made a wife instead of a slave. She gets her wish — sort of — when she is sacrificed as a bride to a god.

Her inhuman husband seems kind, but he visits only in the dark of night and will not allow her to look upon him. By day Euthalia becomes known as a storyteller, spinning ancient Greek tales to entertain Asgard’s gods and monsters.

When one of her stories precipitates a god’s murder and horrific retribution, Euthalia discovers there is a monster in her bed as well. Alone in a hostile Asgard, Euthalia must ally with a spiteful goddess to sway Odin himself before bloody tragedy opens Ragnarok, the prophesied end of the world.

The Songweaver’s Vow releases on February 21, making this a very busy month for me (with both Covalent Bonds and D is for Dinosaur). And I’ll be doing a special live-on-the-web book discussion in March, so be sure to read in time to join the fun there and stay tuned for details! Please mark it To-Read on Goodreads and you can even enter a giveaway there for a signed paperback (opens Feb 14). Boo-yeah.

Bonus round: there’s a free preview for download at the bottom of The Songweaver’s Vow page.

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  1. I’m super excited for this book! Also, beautiful cover.

  2. FABULOUS cover!!! Contrats!

  3. Love it!! Congratulations Laura

  4. That certainly is one gorgeous cover. The book sounds very interesting as well.

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