Cover Reveal: Shard & Shield!

I am ridiculously excited to share this with you today, both because I love this cover and because it kicks off the whole process that makes this book real.

Shard & Shield is the first in a new epic fantasy trilogy. Keep an eye on the blog and social media for details on great pre-order deals and goodies, because I have some fun stuff for you, but today we’re showing off the cover.

But first, here’s a real quick tease:

He can save her life—if he sacrifices himself and those he swore to protect.

Okay, the cover! Ready? Let’s do this!

Ain’t it awesome? I’m so excited. Did you notice the subtle wisps on her hand? Did you see the dark figures in the sky? (Thanks for letting me dance around a little with enthusiasm, I’ll be cool in a minute.)

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Thanks for reading!

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  1. The cover looks great. I like the ground fog in the background also. Can’t wait.

  2. *Gasp!* There’s a shadowy dude with dragon wings! Eeeeep! Consider me stoked!

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