Cover Reveal for Water: Selkies, Sirens, & Sea Monsters

The final installment in Rhonda Parrish’s Elemental Anthologies is coming, and today is cover reveal day!

Let’s just get right to the fun part, shall we?

Water: Selkies, Sirens, & Sea Monsters (Elemental Anthology Book 4)

I mean, selkies. Right? Right?

Water is the most yielding of all elements, changing to fit its container, whether that be a thimble or a lake bed. At the same time, anyone who has ever watched the unrelenting progression of a tsunami understands its raw power. Associated with mutability, transformation, and the subconscious, water is both the tranquil azure of a tropical sea and the tumultuous waves and whitecaps of an embroiled ocean. As many faces as water may wear, the creatures within and associated with it have even more.

Featuring: Catherine MacLeod; Kevin Cockle; Greta Starling; Elise Forier Edie; Kate Shannon; Sara Rauch; Katie Marie; Rebecca Brae; Colleen Anderson; L. T. Waterson; Chadwick Ginther; Julia Heller; Marshall J. Moore; Joel McKay; Elizabeth R. McClellan; Eric M. Borsage; Laura VanArendonk Baugh; Josh Reynolds; Liam Hogan; Mari Ness; Davide Mana; Sarah Van Goethem; Valerie Hunter; and Kelly Sandoval.

This anthology includes the last of my four “elemental magical UK women in World War 2” stories (a particular niche if ever there was one). If you’ve been following along with “The Second Great Fire of London,” “Land Girl,” and “Eryri,” then you’ll know something about where “Depth Charge” takes place. And like the others, it takes real historical events and gives them a slight more fantastic explanation.

You can pre-order Water today, or mark it “to read” at Goodreads if that’s your reading list jam. Watch for it!

(Edited to add: I don’t know what’s going on over at Amazon, but the paperback for Air is just $5.87 in the US store right now. That’s the whole anthology paperback for less than a dollar more than the ebook! Might be time to complete your collection.)

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