Cover Reveal: Earth: Giants, Golems, & Gargoyles

Remember Fire: Demons, Dragons, & Djinns? (Incidentally, that anthology is short-listed for Best Speculative Fiction with the 2019 Alberta Book Awards. Yay!) The next one is coming soon. Let me introduce you to Earth: Giants, Golems, & Gargoyles.

A small drumroll, please.

How fun is this?

Earth will be out in August, with my WW2 historical fantasy “Land Girl” included. More details to come! Meanwhile, enjoy the table of contents below.

“Grin of Stone: A Political Rant” – Jane Yolen
“The Enforcer” – Chadwick Ginther
“Wings of Stone” – Kevin Cockle
“Soil, Native and Otherwise” – Damascus Mincemeyer
“Land Girl” – Laura VanArendonk Baugh
“The Stone Alphabet” – Catherine MacLeod
“Winner Takes All” – Mara Malins
“Kiln Fired” – Steve Toase
“Goblin Harvest” – Suzanne J. Willis
“The Poacher and the Priestess” – Blake Jessop
“Mike’s Massive Penis” – Buzz Dixon
“Where Green Things Grew” – David L. Craddock
“Troll Seal” – Rose Strickman
“The Giants” – Gregory L. Norris
“A Golem’s Progress” – Tamsin Showbrook
“Maggie of the Moss” – Sarah Van Goethem
“Children of the Colossus” – Tim Ford
“Earthbound” – V.F. LeSann

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