Cover Reveal! C is for Chimera

Today we unveil the cover for C is for Chimera, the next installment in the Alphabet Anthologies and my first appearance there. Are you ready?

Greek-style chimera art on vase with superimposed C and authors' names
C is for Chimera

(That’s me, just there above the red superimposed C.)

The Alphabet Anthologies (edited by Rhonda Parrish) provide each author with a single-word theme (in this case, chimera, in all its shades of meaning) and a letter of the alphabet to inspire their story. I have the letter N in this one.

My story has a fairly literal take, featuring the Khimaira of mythological fame in an ancient and ill-fated kingdom, but other stories in this collection will use the medical definition of the word or will take a more metaphorical interpretation. Expect to see alchemy, schoolyard bullies, fighters, mad science, and apocalypse.

The book goes on sale April 12th, and you can mark it now on your Goodreads list. Or, if you like, you can win an advance copy by entering this handy contest! (Don’t worry, your entry info is used only for the contest, no spam!)

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