Contest Winners

And now, our trivia winners! (From the ARC contest.)

First off, the correct answers:

1) Kitsune cannot say shi.
2) Inari is associated with rice.
3) Kitsune hate and fear dogs, and the Japanese word for dog is inu.
4) Kitsune-tsuki is possession by a kitsune, and a kitsune-mochi is a person who orders or directs foxes, almost as familiars.
5) Ninja were more historically known as shinobi.

TheArrowPen and Erica nailed it for time, turning in five correct answers (and bonus!) right away.

kanji for inu (dog)

Sarah kicked it up a notch by including the kanji 犬 for the bonus answer inu. That left SpaceJay4000 to include the hiragana いぬ for inu. Remember that none of these could see one another’s answers yet!

TR didn’t nail all five answers, but I gave him a bit of a slide; instead of dogs, he answered okami, or wolf. As this is the nickname Tsurugu gives to Shishio — “whom should a fox fear more than a wolf?” — I call artistic license and executive privilege and name him our fifth winner.

Winners: not all of you had an email address associated with your comment profile. Please contact me (use the email form under “About Laura”) so that I can get you your prize!

Thanks for playing!

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  1. Looking forward to reading it. Tsuki was a lot of fun. Most of the scenes, I saw in my head as watercolor paintings.

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