CON JOB is now an audiobook!

Con Job book coverSo this is fun — Con Job is now an audiobook! So if you’re pulling a long drive, or trying to ignore the stitch in your side during your run, or picking up clutter in your living space, or wherever you listen to audiobooks, now you can do it with Jacob and his geeky friends.

Of course, you have to be prepared for a little murder along the way.

Jacob just wanted to have a good time with his friend Samantha and fellow geeks at the fan convention. But when dead bodies start turning up, Jacob has to start a little early on his hoped-for detective career. After all, the police are out of their depth in a world where nearly everyone wears a costume or uses an alias.

But Jacob has a secret of his own, and it looks like someone is bent on revealing him to the entire con. If Jacob’s history comes out, his police career will end before it begins, even if he can find the killer. And if he can’t, more fans will die.

It’s official — listening to an audiobook counts as “real” reading, per science. You don’t have to feel guilty about reading with your ears instead of your eyes. Now, you may still feel more indulgent by sitting down in your hammock with a paperback and a lemonade, or more productive by listening to a story while you do the dishes or drive to work, but either way, you’re getting some quality time with a book.

But if you’re not sure whether you like audiobooks, you can test the waters without committing. (Incidentally, this also gets you a couple of books for free.) Amazon’s Audible service has a no-cost 30-day trial which includes two free books. Get Con Job and another book for free, no strings attached. Yep, for real. (Current offer expires Jan 29, 2017, so be sure to read the details if you’re coming to this as an older post.)

Epic Cosplay CostumesFun side note: The cover artist for Con Job, Kristie Good, was chosen because I knew both her artistic skills and her geek cred; we’ve been cosplay friends for years. This month her own book just released, a non-fiction guide to costuming. Check it out!

And finally, if you missed it, remember that I’ll be teaching a writing workshop and tour in Ireland in 2017, and if you ever wanted a tax-deductible writing workshop in truly awesome surroundings, you might want to put that on your calendar and start setting aside a few dollars each month.

Please enjoy!

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