Charitable: Donate with Me, 2018 edition

We’ve just finished Thanksgiving here, complete with turkey and Beef Wellington and dinosaurs.

dinosaurs and Beef Wellington
dinosaurs and Beef Wellington

Thanksgiving is fundamentally about both gratitude and sharing. Frequently at the end of the year, I list some of my charities and invite readers to donate with me. We don’t talk amounts, there are no special prizes, it’s just me sharing some causes and the organizations I trust to do something about them. None of these links are connected to me, I get no kickback or prize for referrals or anything. This is just part of me thanking all of you for helping me to support these groups, who offer help to all in need regardless of identity, creed or worldview, etc.

So, in no particular order:

Matthew 25: Ministries is new to me; I found them while looking for a place to donate to California fire relief where my donation would be used most efficiently. They earned a perfect 100 on Charity Navigator, so they seem like a good partner.

If you’ve been with me for a while, you know I’m a fan of fighting modern slavery by supporting IJM. More than twice as many people are enslaved today as were taken during the entire run of the African slave trade, in actual bought-and-sold chattel slavery. That’s insane. The good news is, we can support prosecution and stronger legislation. Sometimes I’ll do a fundraiser for IJM, but you are always welcome to donate directly! And on November 27, all gifts donated/purchased through the IJM gift catalog will be doubled via a grant, so consider doing some of your shopping and giving then.

World Vision star logo

World Vision is another great organization to combat poverty and exploitation. You can sponsor a child year-round, donate to programs ranging from clean water services to combating trafficking, or use their catalog to take care of gift shopping and charity donation at the same time.

photo from World Vision Pinterest page

On a local level for me, Wheeler Mission is a primary caregiver (this is their 125th year!) to the homeless here in Indianapolis. With meals and beds as well as addiction recovery programs and educational/occupational programs, they seek to treat causes as well as symptoms. Wheeler Mission is currently raising money to expand their Center for Women & Children.

Remember that taxpayers in the USA can take a higher deduction this year for charitable gifts. (I’m speaking generally and I’m not a tax expert, so talk to your adviser for how that can benefit you in particular. But you may be able to help others and yourself at the same time.)

And just to be clear, I will post another charity option again on December 17, for the annual Giftmas tour. So you will see donations mentioned twice in the next month, but they’re good causes and good organizations, and it’s not a surprise request, you know it’s coming. :)

Operation Tannenbaum, white letters on red background with Nazi swastika and eager and evergreen branch, blood-spattered

Meanwhile, I’m offering a dark Christmas story again this year with 100% of the profits going to charity. Operation Tannenbaum is a short story about Hitler’s invasion of Switzerland which history says never happened — but history is written by the survivors. Even better? It’s included with your Kindle Unlimited subscription, so if you’re on KU it costs you nothing to read and donate. (Nor does it cost anything to tell a friend, hint hint.)

There are other causes I value as well, environmental and educational, but these are what I’d like to share this time. Thank you for reading, for supporting me so I can support them, and for caring. Happy (US) Thanksgiving, and have a fantastic holiday season kickoff!

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