Bookstores in Indianapolis

I tried a new bookstore the other day. It was delicious.

Porter Books and Bread is located on the grounds of the old Fort Harrison and features fresh-baked, homemade breads and desserts. Sandwiches are named for literary figures. I had a Dumas, if I recall correctly. (Which wasn’t a Monte Cristo, curiously.) I took home a gothic tale which I haven’t started yet.

That puts me at three of the five on this Best Bookshops of Indianapolis list. It begs the question: What makes it a “best” bookshop? Selection? Service? Side quests, like tasty sandwiches? Tell me your favorite book haunts and why. (Can be shops, libraries, readers’ groups, whatever!)

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  1. Well, I know where I’ll be going next week!

  2. They have enough chairs for people to sit and enjoy their books! (And a good selection of books I like, of course. Speculative fiction, graphic novels, art reference books, etc.)

  3. Hmmm… Just realized I shared an incomplete thought. My comment was in answer to the question about why a place would be a favorite haunt. I like places I can sit down and browse through books. I didn’t list any particular place because I don’t take time for bookstores much anymore and the ones I used to enjoy are gone…

  4. I haven’t been to this bookstore yet. Thanks for the suggestions. I will have to check it out next week!

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