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photo of trees on the other side of pond

the heron, in the trees beyond the pond

I walked out to my pond today and was not nearly fast enough to photograph the Great Blue Heron I startled out of it, but I did manage to snap a photo when he perched in a tree to avoid the enthusiastic Doberman chasing and barking at him. (Undómiel apparently did not get the memo about large birds not being dangerous aliens.)

What? You can’t see the heron? Well, sorry, all I had was a cell phone and some excitement, which does not equate to a telephoto lens, no matter how much excitement is involved.

photo of trees with red arrow pointing to tiny distant Great Blue Heron on a branch

That’s pointing to a bird, I swear.

Though the pond was dug out just a few years ago and has never been stocked with anything, due to the wonders of nature, we have frogs, turtles, the occasional ducks, and even fish. From what I read, the fish probably arrived via eggs washed down during spring flooding, but man, one can see where the ancients got their ideas of spontaneous generation.

Great Blue Heron in flight

This is what they look like closer up. Image used with permission from Wikimedia.

This is the first time I’ve seen a large fishing bird, however, and I’m very pleased. I hope he stays around despite the noisy Doberman. (Penny the Labrador had no opinion whatsoever on the heron. She was carrying something in her mouth, so all else was irrelevant in the world.)

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  1. That’s so cool that fish eggs just ended up in the pond like that! Nature is so wonderfuuuul. :D

    And that heron sounds epic! It’s seriously awesome that you have those types of birds so close to you! :)

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