Autumn & Halloween books!

English: A traditional Irish turnip Jack-o'-la...

I think I’m glad we moved to pumpkins — this is creepy. The teeth! A traditional Irish turnip Jack-o’-lantern from the early 20th century. Photographed at the Museum of Country Life, Ireland. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay, scarecrows aren’t limited to autumn, but somehow they’ve become associated with fall decor, so there you go. And Robin Archer works year-round in Indianapolis, but this cover has a cool jack-o-lantern, so there.

The point is, you’ve got book deals.

half-off SCARECROW paperbacks or ebook

If you head over to World Weaver Press, you can buy the paperback OR ebook for half the price, by using the code SCARE at checkout. This deal is good only through November 8, 2015, so don’t dawdle!

Circles & Crossroads Mini SetMeanwhile, you can still pick up the latest Robin Archer fae adventure, which happens to be a Halloween tale, in time for the season. It’s call Orphan Heirs & Shades of Night. And if you don’t read it until after trick or treating is over, that’s okay. As a bonus treat, it also includes the first Robin Archer story, “And Only the Eyes of Children.”

You can also check out the vampire books for charity. There’s no shortage of seasonal reads!



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