Art & Artifice, a new story

Good news! That story I promised for gifting season (and we’re still within the 12 days of Christmas, so still in gifting season!) is here!

[Edit: Oops. When I wrote this post, that part about gifting season was true. But since apparently I flubbed publishing this post, it’s, um, less true now. Yep, I just found this post still unpublished, so, well, better late than never, right? At least subscribers still got the news!]

Art & Artifice

“Art & Artifice” is a novelette set in the time of Shard & Shield, taking place after Shianan and Ariana have brought back the Shard of Elan but before the protective shield has been erected. They are assigned to investigate and stop a series of Ryuven raids on a farming village.

(Fans of Luca: Since this all happens before the shield goes up, this means — ready yourself — there is no Luca in this story. I’m sorry! Please enjoy it anyway, and I promise there will be more Luca in the next.)

Since “Art & Artifice” is squeaking in under the 2019 wire, that means that in 2019 I have…

/does math/
/uses spreadsheet/

…in 2019 I have published over 400,000 words of fiction. Which is crazy.

I’m still working on Kin & Kind, officially #3 in the series, but in the meantime please enjoy this side story. And have a great new year!

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