Another review of Shard & Shield

I don’t post about every review, obviously, but Publishers Weekly is kind of a big wheel in the industry. A couple of weeks ago they published a review of Shard & Shield, a bit late for its mid-2019 release but I’m not complaining; there’s always time to join a series!

And I was delighted to find some very flattering comments, such as, “satisfying, high-stakes fantasy…with tightly plotted action sequences and taut suspense” and “multidimensional characters make consistently believable choices…. high fantasy fans will find plenty to enjoy in this fast-paced adventure.” Yay! Thank you!

They also said, “…though the romantic subplots are a bit half-baked.” And I’m not even mad because, well, romance isn’t my specialty and I don’t pretend it is.

A few kind readers were generous enough to suggest “slow-burn” as an alternative, and I’m happy to agree that I definitely do slow-burn, which is a nicer way of saying half-baked while staying with the kitchen metaphor. ;)

dessert baking GIF
I actually prefer my cookies half-baked. Mmm, warm cookie dough…

So I’m grateful both to PW for the shout-out and to the readers who appreciate slow chemistry over big chemistry. You can find the review here (caution, some spoilers).

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