Announcement: KITSUNE-MOCHI!

Kitsune glowing with fox-fire gather near Edo....
Kitsune glowing with fox-fire gather near Edo. Print by Hiroshige. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is with great hand-clapping joy I tell you that Kitsune-Mochi has a release date.

No, seriously, this is fun for me. I’ve been working on this a long while, and I’m really looking forward to getting to share it. Kitsune-Tsuki was a short mystery, and Kitsune-Mochi is a novel-length adventure in which Tsurugu must protect Kaede and the daimyou‘s household from a rival onmyouji without revealing their own secrets. A misstep will be disastrous.

Oh, and there are tengu, and oni, and kappa, and abduction, and rescue, and foxfire, and deception, and revenge, and bad poetry.

And it’s available on October 29, 2013. Because what better time than autumn for fox magic?

We’ll have some cool stuff leading up to then, including contests for free copies, so keep an eye out!

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