Announcement: a new book is coming soon

Laevatein & McCoy
Laevatein the Doberman and McCoy the skeleton

So you knew I was working on bringing Kitsune-Mochi to you, right? Did you know I’m also working on a non-fiction book?

My day job is in behavior, animal behavior specifically (though I’m also certified in TAGteach), and I’m working on a book in that field.

I’m focusing specifically on protocols to help over-emotional dogs, dogs who are too excited or fearful or otherwise wrapped about the axle to think clearly. Since this topic is forming at least two-thirds of my referrals, I must be doing something right, and I should probably share it.

Despite my extreme nerd tendencies, the book is not written in an academic style; rather it’s very much a follow-along guide, with a conversational tone, because I want it to be useful to anyone working with a professional or, in non-severe or non-dangerous cases, on their own.

So stay tuned, because you’ll hear more about this as we go. :) Or to really be on top of things, sign up for the mailing list — that’s where news, special pre-orders, and the like will be announced. (And that’s it — no sharing of info or frequent spam, I promise!)

It’s a considerable gear shift for me to switch back and forth from fiction to non-fiction. We’ll see how I can handle the two projects at once!


Reaching the Animal Mind, by Karen Pryor. An exploration of the science behind what is popularly known as clicker training, with lots of video clips, slideshows, extracts, exercises, and links to more info on the supporting web site.

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