Achievement Unlocked: Art

I have a short list in Evernote titled “Unofficial Goals Indicating I Have Arrived :D”. There are only a few entries, formatted as a checklist, of cultural ripples I have observed around successful stories.

I keep the list a secret, because I don’t want to influence the process. I want to see the organic ripples — I want a reader to tweet my title on #FridayReads because she was enthusiastic about the book, not because a friend did it just to make me feel good. Only once an achievement has been unlocked do I allow myself to share that it was ever a goal. (Yep, a #FridayReads appearance was one!)

And today I can check off another. Fan art.

I was scrolling through Facebook when I recognized an art style. My feed features a number of artists, amateur and professional, who work in media ranging from pencil to oil to digital, which is pretty cool.

So I recognized Kristie’s art and stopped to appreciate it. “Ooh, pretty. I don’t recognize this one — OOOOOOOOOOH.”

It was labeled:

Character: Achenar
Series: Crooked Running Water, Heavenly Wedding Arc

This is of course from Con Job, in which Achenar is not a character per se but is a character being played by a character. Deep, I know.

But isn’t it cool?!


Though I didn’t know she was working on this, Kristie Good is also the artist who did Con Job‘s cover. So that pretty much makes this official CLUTCH art.

Someday I’d love to have a fan art gallery here on the site. Do other authors do that? I don’t remember seeing it, but surely someone does. I think it’d be great fun.

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  1. Sandy Della-Croce

    Nicely done!

  2. How fun! And yes, Kristi, that picture is awesome! Love it! :D

  3. Gorgeous! And yes, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen other authors do fanart galleries. Not that I can name names right now, but still… :)

  4. XD I had a lot of fun playing with the image style (trying to imitate a clamp like lineweight and coloring style). I’m so glad that people like it! :)

  5. To be fair, I think you could have checked off that box about 12 years ago. You know, when that student did an entire gallery exhibit of artwork based on your writing. #FIRST #IEvenCarvedAPumpkin #ButKristieMadeAnAwesomeThingAndItTotallyDeservesABlogPostAnyway #WhoEvenPutsHashtagsInBlogComments? :)

    • That’s a completely fair response! The only reason I didn’t count that toward this goal was me, not you — I wasn’t published yet, so I didn’t really have a career, per se. So this is still the first of my career.

      I definitely still have those pictures and they will definitely go into the gallery when it happens. Because no one else has a character pumpkin, I’ll bet!

  6. Soooo pretty! :D Very cool.

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