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Anime Central (one of the largest Japanese culture conventions in the country) went virtual again this year, so my talks on Japanese history, culture, folklore, and more are all on the Discord server. For the con, I’m giving away an award-winning short story from Japanese history for Acen virtual attendees.

A Red Banner To Fly: Japanese ukiyo-e print depicting the battle of Dan-No-Ura

The story is “A Red Banner To Fly,” an award-winning historical short set during the tumultuous end of the Genpei Wars which, among other things, established the shogunate. There’s no purchase or signup required for the download (though I would love it if you did subscribe for more fiction). If you want to purchase a copy (to have it auto-loaded to your e-reader or just because you liked it), I would of course appreciate that!

You can download “A Red Banner To Fly” in epub format below.

[ddownload id=”50824″]

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