A Good Review and a Castle

Scarecrow anthology Rhonda Parrish

“Judge and Jury”

Totally just sharing something exciting, don’t mind me.

But today I found this review — in Tangent, no less — of Scarecrow, following up on reviewer Eric Kimminau’s take on Corvidae. And just look at what he had to say about my story.

“Judge & Jury” by Laura VanArendonk Baugh is the reason I had to review Scarecrow. It’s a continuation of “Sanctuary” from Corvidae. I simply had to see how it came to a conclusion. You can read my review of “Sanctuary” here….. If you read Corvidae, you must read Scarecrow, if for this story alone.

I’m pretty sure I floated down the stairs for an hour after that.

(Warning: there are major spoilers at the reviews. Use link caution.)

women sitting about white-clothed table beside stone wallsAnd speaking of floating down the stairs, I dined in a haunted castle tonight.

I’m spending the week in Ireland on a writers’ retreat with a great group of authors, and tonight we visited Cloonacauneen Castle for supper. We ate in a tower room beside a crackling fire and ended up telling ghost stories. I’m pretty sure none of us will be sleeping tonight…!

I’ll have lots of pictures and fun facts to share in the future. Stay tuned!


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