A Game Not For One Night, But For A Thousand and One Nights….

English: Princess Parizade Bringing Home the S...
Princess Parizade Bringing Home the Singing Tree, 1906, oil on paper (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My friend Mark gave me a new board game for Christmas. The setting is the world of the traditional 1001 Nights, in which Scheherazade is weaving tales to amuse Shahryar and keep herself alive. Players are story characters, with literally thousands of game paths (very re-playable).

It’s a bit different, as games go, rewarding not just game accomplishments in terms of points or accumulated treasures and things, but extreme storytelling — that is, the more dramatic, tragic, twisted, inspiring, and generally enthralling your character’s journey is, the more likely you’ll win the game.

Aw, yeah. Bring it.

You want people maimed, rescued, enslaved, terrorized, enriched beyond imagination, transformed (literally or figuratively), ensorcelled, redeemed, sacrificed, beloved, hated, betrayed, kidnapped, impoverished, betrothed, abducted, or suddenly discovered heir to a lost and fabulous kingdom? I’m a writer. That is our bread and chocolate-hazelnut-spread-not-containing-palm-oil-for-reasons-of-environmental-sensibility, that is. It’s what we do best.

Who’s up for a game?


In Tales of the Arabian Nights, you are the hero or heroine in a story of adventure and wonder just like those told by Scheherazade to her spellbound sultan! You will travel the land seeking your own destiny and fortune. There is, of course, a winner in Tales of the Arabian Nights, but the point of the game is less to see who wins and more to enjoy the unfolding and telling of a great story. affiliate link
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