Shard & Shield is A Go!

It’s happened! It’s out in the world. Shard & Shield is loose and in readers’ hands.

Early reviews have started to appear. Sales ranks have started to climb. And all in all, this has been a successful launch, so thank you all very much!

Preorder Bonuses

If you forwarded your proof of purchase or library request as instructed, you should have gotten your goodies within 24 hours.

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Shard & Shield: Preorders & Loot & Charity

Today is the official start of Shard & Shield‘s preorder countdown, and I’ve got goodies to share!

Got a minute? Let me tell you about what’s available if you order your copy in advance. Bonus: You get the sadistic glee of watching me try to be all professional as cold rain intensifies. (It’s winter in New Zealand, where I recorded this just a couple weeks ago.)

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