Circles & Crossroads: Two Robin Archer Tales


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These are the first and second stories of Robin Archer, the half-Fae charged by the Fairy Queen to protect human children from human predators. With some snark, a gun, and a touch of magic, Robin works at the edge of human law to save kids.

AND ONLY THE EYES OF CHILDREN: When a child is abducted, the police can’t act fast enough to save her. Robin Archer can. (This Pushcart Prize-nominated story was originally published in FAE.)

ORPHAN HEIRS & SHADES OF NIGHT: A Halloween tale! When children start disappearing from a Halloween festival, Robin recognizes crimes from another time.

“I’m neither human nor monster, yet both. Unlike most survivors, my freak doesn’t show so obviously. I can pass on a human street, even if I can’t in the Twilight Lands.
“That doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect me, though.”


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