/gasp/ How did you find me here?!

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Thanks for helping me out! And to show my gratitude, here’s a tiny little flash fiction of fewer than 100 words, a prize-winner at the F-BOM book blog at the turn of 2017-2018. Please enjoy!

“It’s not so simple.”

“Selfish monster! Use your magic to help others!” She cradled her crying child. “When he is maimed for life, that is your doing.”

That the child fell into a mill was not my doing. “It’s not just his foot, it’s transfer energy—”


Villagers glared. The child sobbed. I gritted my teeth.

He screamed at healing, covering my groan. She wheeled to display her joyful achievement to all.

My crushed foot, and transfer-shattered tibia, would not carry me home. “I need help.”

“Use your magic,” the villagers said cheerfully, and followed her away.

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