Subscriptions & Communities (To Write & Have Written)

Offering memberships or subscriptions to fans can provide regular and special content to them while providing more predictable income to creators. We discuss ideas and best practices with creators currently offering fiction, drama, poetry, visual art, and more.

Be sure to check out our generous guests!

You can find Rhonda Parrish doing ALL THE THINGS at her website,
Find Jacklyn and Tyler (Ademal and Barron) with their world Ethnis at
Find Julie’s art and comics at
Find Ben’s music, drama, poetry, and more at

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Serial Fiction: Let’s Talk About Kindle Vella (To Write and Have Written)

With Kindle Vella on the horizon, let’s talk a bit about serial fiction, some of the confusion and misinformation about Kindle Vella, and what we might look for and plan for in choosing our own applications and career paths.

If you would like my very slick spreadsheet to calculate potential Kindle Vella revenue compared to traditional ebooks, you can get it free with my infrequent newsletter, or pick it up in the store.

spreadsheet screenshot
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Content Marketing! with guest MJ McGriff (To Write and Have Written)

Content marketing is my favorite kind of marketing — the marketing that doesn’t feel like marketing! Let’s talk with Margaret McGriff about how to use this in our branding. (If you haven’t seen my episodes on branding and marketing without selling, you might want to get those, too!)

Find Margaret at
Vote for Crown & Creed at

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How to sell your own audiobooks and ebooks (not via Amazon or other retailers)

In today’s market, it’s critical to be able to reach your audience directly. Let’s walk through two options for selling audiobooks directly, for maximum control and profit, via Soundwise and Bookfunnel.


AppSumo deal on Soundwise (includes $10 off AppSumo for new users)
Soundwise standard pricing
Bookfunnel and WooCommerce
Findaway Voices

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Author Snapshots Workalong (To Write and Have Written)

Today we start to walk through author snapshots (and then chat about those and other marketing things). If you’re not doing a monthly snapshot, this is an easy place to start!

Video (from Twitch and YouTube):

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The History of Ramen (A Worldbuilding Exercise) (To Write & Have Written)

How did a war for natural resources in Korea lead to a ubiquitous American college food? Let’s talk about how in real life everything is connected, and how we can use that to make our fictional worlds more robust, cohesive, and fascinating.

Video (from Twitch and YouTube):

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Why Can’t I Finish Anything? Procrastination (To Write and Have Written)

Let’s talk about Procrastination! (Spoiler: You’re probably not just lazy.) Speaking generally, writers procrastinate. A lot. But why, and what can we do about it? Here are five primary reasons why creative people procrastinate on their projects, and what to do about it. Plus a lot of fun chat.

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How (Not) To Network – To Write and Have Written

Networking! You’ve heard before how authors are colleagues, not competitors, and how we need to stick together to get ahead. That’s all true. But there are social conventions and best practices to ask for help, and knowing how to ask is as important as knowing what to ask.

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Historical Fiber Arts (To Write and Have Written)

Ivorivet joins us again to talk about historical fiber arts, from carding to spinning to weaving! Great for historical or fantasy world details.

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