Song & Steam

Song & Steam
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from my blog, December 14, 2020:

As you may know, I try to have a short read for [food pantry fundraiser] Giftmas each year, generally about 500-1000 words long. This year, perhaps because I wrote in that epic fantasy world, the story got a bit away from me and is roughly 5,500 words long.

This would be, if I were submitting it as fanfic, a drabble. Maybe even a fluff, I’m not sure. It’s a Shard of Elan story, with the characters Elan readers already know, but to avoid spoilers it’s set in a sort of alternate timeline, and while the ongoing story tends to drama and action, this particular piece is the Hallmark holiday movie of the Shard of Elan world.

It will read best if you’ve finished book 1, Shard & Shield, but for knowing characters, not for plot. It’s the story of Luca’s first winter solstice in Alham and his childhood memories of the Wintersong, and it fits with our Giftmas theme of connections.

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