Forgot to grab a seasonal read? SonOfAWitch!

With the equinox, we’re officially heading into autumn here on the northern half of the world, and it’s time to break out those seasonal stories!

If you want to go light on the spooky and heavy on the fun, you’ll probably enjoy a collection of stories about magic going horribly, hilariously wrong.

No one is perfect—not even a witch. Witches have amazing power at their fingertips to do unbelievable things. That magic can come in really handy sometimes too. They can make someone fall in love, poison an apple to enact a sleeping curse, banish an enemy to an alternate reality, or just conjure up some Nutella when there is none in the house. But what happens when those spells go horribly awry? 

SonofaWitch! contains six humorous contemporary fantasy stories of magic spells gone wrong by Laura VanArendonk Baugh, Sara Dobie Bauer, Lissa Marie Redmond, Frances Pauli, Mara Malins, and Adam Millard.

SonOfAWitch! is currently on sale right here through Halloween for your reading pleasure. Get it signed to your favorite goblin.

If you want something with just a bit more chill for your spine, consider the sister anthologies Corvidae and Scarecrow.

Need a quick gift for that bookish friend (or yourself)? I still have some collectible Gen Con Pin Bazaar enamel pins, and they’re adorable! This clever pendragon will gladly protect your bookbag or lanyard—and he’s discounted when you buy with a paperback!

A quick read of a spooky story? Try The Lonely Frost in the Kitsune Tales series. Or read about Robin Archer’s Halloween perils in Circles & Crossroads.

And of course you’ll want snacks with your stories, right? Try dozens of s’more variations you’ve never thought of. (If you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription, you can read it for free, or it’s available to buy on Amazon.)


The Lost Era of Electric Train Travel (To Write and Have Written)

Or, “how equine influenza made your newfangled electric sewing machine run.”

Did you know the United States had a complex and efficient, electric train system that serviced most of the population? Did you know this train system brought electric power to rural communities? Let’s talk about the interurban, and about how transportation affects your worldbuilding. With guest Alena Van Arendonk.

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