Atticus software walk-thru with Dave Chesson! (To Write and Have Written)

Surprise guest Dave Chesson (Kindlepreneur, Publisher Rocket) walks through the forthcoming writing/formatting software Atticus with me. We see what’s working now in the closed beta, what’s coming soon, and how Atticus will take on Scrivener and Vellum.

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“We’ve Got Cows”

(My newsletter subscribers got this story already, but this week I’m adding it to the blog.)

Thursday mid-morning. It was my dad’s mobile number, and when I answered he was short of breath. I thought something was wrong, maybe he or my mom might be injured. But no, he was calling to ask me to help him catch the cows.

Our first catch, definitely the easiest to handle.

Neither Dad nor I own any cows, so this was a good start to the morning.

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Think Through Your Worldbuilding

We chat about the gaps sometimes left in worldbuilding when people forget that all of society, geography, technology, etc. is connected. Think through your worldbuilding to make your writing better!

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Author Newsletters with Margaret McGriff

We have the fabulous Margaret McGriff back to talk about newsletters for authors! From why people want to hear from us (no really) to what we should talk about, and how often, and what to do when our newsletters flop, she’s got great help for the writer facing down that terrible newsletter.

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