“Wight Christmas” Now In Audio

Hello! With American Thanksgiving yesterday, we are now Officially in the Holiday Season. With the completion of Thanksgiving dinner, it is now permissible to play Christmas music (a guideline I just made up yesterday afternoon) and I have also decorated the website here (Christmas lights are my favorite).

And my first holiday gift is only barely from me: the Untold Podcast has produced “Wight Christmas” for your listening enjoyment! You can listen to it here:

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Spreadsheets for Authors! (To Write & Have Written)

We’re writers. Spreadsheets are from the other side of the office suite, and they’re scary.

That’s why I brought in a freakin’ spreadsheet wizard to help you tame and embrace them, to simplify and organize your writing career. All sales from all countries on one page, rendered to your home currency and prettified for quick reference? Done. Know at a glance what you spent on production of your last release and how near it is to paying for itself? Done. Know how your mailing list is growing compared to your social media? Done. Keep all your ad copy organized for quick repeats or changes? Done.

And this is a great chance to get set up before we meet with the fabulous Chris Morris, a CPA who specializes with creative entrepreneurs, on Dec 1 to talk about accounting for writers.

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Rewards & Reinforcement (To Write & Have Written)

There’s a lot of advice out there on using rewards to motivate your writing (especially during stretch events like NaNoWriMo). While keeping your motivation strong is a good idea, a lot of this advice is not terribly scientific, and it can be modified to be more effective.

Let’s talk about the difference between rewards and reinforcement, why we need to be proud of reaching a goal, and what to do when you tend to cheat and get your prize early.

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Grace Julian Clarke & 2020

On Saturday, I went to the unveiling of a new historical marker. (I know, I know, but not everyone can have my thrilling rock star life.)

This nerd event was special, though.

Grace Julian Clark

Grace Julian Clarke was an author, a journalist, a clubwoman, an activist, and a force of nature. She was also my great-great-great-aunt. She was born in 1865, the daughter of the significant-but-mostly-forgotten congressman George Washington Clarke. Growing up in an abolitionist home, she was well-prepared for a career in social reform.

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