Interview with Go Indie Now

At When Words Collide this year, I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Joe Compton of Go Indie Now. I have to say that Joe asked some really good questions, different from the typical author interview, and I had a blast talking with him.

He also really did his homework, pulling up photos of this year’s trip to Japan and my dogs!

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Area 51: Aliens & Exercise

After I left When Words Collide in Calgary, I drove south and followed the Extraterrestrial Highway (NV SR 375) to tiny Rachel, Nevada (population 54).

I’d signed up for the ET Marathon — the half, actually, because I’m not cool enough to do a full marathon. I’d booked the race and my room long before #StormArea51 was born. I arrived early and holed up in a mobile home to work on Blood & Bond.

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