Hunter’s Gambit reveal with Brandy Ackerley

Today I’m pleased to welcome Brandy Ackerley to the blog! I first met Brandy a few years ago at a writers conference in Calgary, Alberta and knew immediately she had good taste because she told me how much she’d enjoyed Kitsune-Tsuki. /wink/ We got to talking about everything from fox youkai to writing to art (she’s way better than I am), and now I’m pleased to host the reveal of her debut novel’s cover!

Hello and welcome! My name is Brandy Ackerley and I’m taking over this blog with some very important news! My first novel will be coming out a month from now on March 15th and I am super stoked about it. As a fan of Laura’s novels, I am honoured that she’s letting me reveal its cover on here!

Hunter’s Gambit is the story of Kuzunoha’s quest to find freedom from the future her family has decided for her. Unfortunately, she’s running out of options, especially after her elder half-sister, Himiko, takes her place as family matriarch. That changes when she saves the life of a stranger…

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Cover Reveal: F is for Fairy

It’s that time again! Here’s another Alphabet Anthology, this time on the theme of fairies and fae and the sort of folk you don’t want to mess with.

“Anyone who believes that faeries are wee, golden-haired creatures with dragon-fly wings and sweet intentions has never met a real faerie.”

Suzanne Willis, “A Silver Thread Between Worlds”

Once again we have 26 authors, each writing on theme for a letter of the alphabet. And now let’s take a look at the shiny packaging for this new set of fae stories.

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Travelogue: Iguazú Falls and Buenos Aires

This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series Argentina & Antarctica

Two years ago, I booked a trip which has now begun, and I’m so excited.

In my last newsletter, I dropped a big hint on where I’d be going:

If I have adequate internet access in February, while traveling, I’ll share some of this first adventure with you on the blog. Hint: Macaroni, Magellanic, Rockhopper, Gentoo.

Sharp-eyed animal lovers will peg those names as several species of penguin. Yes, I’m in Argentina and en route to Antarctica!

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Researching for Writing Fantasy

Today’s post is part of the February is Fantasy blog event, so you might want to look around and see what else is happening! Me, I’m talking about research for writing fantasy.

Yes, research for fantasy. If you want to see me flip out like an emo teen ninja whose parents were murdered by zombie pirates, casually mention how easy fantasy writers have it since they can just, you know, make everything up.

man screaming in rage
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The Portland Haifu has a new novelette out

Do you guys remember back when I talked about an urban fantasy featuring Japanese youkai in the American northwest? K. Bird Lincoln’s Dream Eater was a fun ride featuring one of the less popularized youkai and Native American entities as well, in the fun setting of Portland. (Fun fact: I read my copy en route to Portland.)

Then I read (again on a business trip to Portland, though pure dumb luck) the sequel, Black Pearl Dreaming, which was even better. (Yes, there’s probably some personal bias in that, because I’m always gonna be a sucker for supernatural power plays and I admit it — but it was still a good read.) This time we got to visit Japan and meet a wider circle of youkai, including some more familiar to western audiences, and pick up additional historical-political implications.

And I just learned that there’s now a side novelette to accompany the soon-to-be-trilogy, all about Kennosuke the kitsune. And you can get Bringer-of-Death for free or 99c, your choice, here at K. Bird Lincoln’s blog.

(I’m posting this from extremely limited internet and cannot successfully upload a cover pic. Just click through to look at the cute fox.)

Note: I have only just acquired my copy as I write this and haven’t read it yet, but it appears that Bringer-of-Death may have some spoilers for Black Pearl Dreaming. Bear that in mind if you’re a spoiler-averse type like myself.

Happy reading!