Cover Reveal: Severed Veil

I’ve got a pretty for you today.

Bethany A. Jennings is a marvel. She writes, she edits, she homeschools, she created and organizes the #WIPjoy hashtag game quarterly, and she runs not only her personal and author social media, but also runs the @sandwichmaven Instagram. (Go ahead, but don’t be long, we’ve got a cover over here.) She’s the kind of person you’d hate for making you feel inadequate if she weren’t so darned nice.

And she has a new collection of short stories coming soon. Ready for the cover?

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The Last Will and Testament of Captain Nemo

Need an autumn read (or a spring read, for my southern hemisphere friends)? Today a writer friend’s book is free, so I’m helping to spread the word.

The Last Will and Testament of Captain Nemo

From the tragedy of The Little Mermaid, and the mystery of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, comes the truth that ties them both together: the story of the love that saved a life and started a war, of the quest that became an obsession…of the seaman who, for love of a mermaid, became a legend.

“An absorbing twist on the classic tale that will fill your head with nautical fantasies and make you wish for a very different film version of The Little Mermaid.”

Evangeline Denmark, author of Curio

“A wonderfully creative blend of fairy tale and steampunk sci-fi. Mary Schlegel has written a charming, yet poignant story that manages to rework and blend two seemingly disparate myths. I really enjoyed this. Five starfish rating!”

Mike Duran, author of the Reagan Moon novels and The Telling

Fans of Verne or mermaids will want to grab this while it’s free. Enjoy!

Midnight Run

When you borrow a car, and you put your dogs in it for all of thirty feet while you drive through a gate, and a dog accidentally slaps the old button-style door lock while watching you close the gate, locking your key in the ignition and your phone on the front seat, and you’d just filled the tank to full maybe eight minutes before so it’s going to run forever, and you try all the doors and windows and nothing moves, so you finally run through the night to the house from which you borrowed the car to ring the doorbell and ask for the second key and just hope you can get there and back before a dog accidentally puts the car in gear.

And then somehow your Fitbit does not count a single step of it.

At least I am rarely bored.