Ideas: Truth Is Way Scarier Than Fiction

Authors are frequently asked about where ideas come from, or sharing ideas, or how to get ideas. This is a bit funny, because ideas are frankly the easiest part of storytelling, and they can be found everywhere.

But honestly, no matter how weird and twisted I can get as a speculative fiction writer, I can’t match up to real life. Continue reading

When Ghost Stories Get… Boring

ghostly hands translucent over keyboardA week ago, I posted this short personal tale to my Facebook page:

As I got into my car to drive home last night at 2 am, my proximity sensor warned me something was close behind my car. I checked my mirrors, checked the rear camera, but nothing. I started to back out, and the proximity warning screamed. I checked again. Nothing. Backed up veeery slowly, the warning shrieking the entire time.

I drove home. I pulled up to my gate, set well back from the road, under large trees between empty fields, in the total dark of a feeble moon. Proximity warning goes off. I check the mirrors and camera. Proximity sensor indicates something big and very close behind.

I have to get out and open the gate.