Solar Update

When we put in our solar panels, some people told us it wouldn’t work in the winter.

House using 11.6 kW, 7 from solar and 4.6 from grid.

House using 11.6 kW, 7 from solar and 4.6 from grid.

Well, it’s winter, and the majority of our house’s power is still coming via solar. Right now the house is pulling a hefty 11.6 kW, because it’s climbed so far today to -5 degrees F (-20 C) and we’re working the heat pretty hard (we’re 100% electric), and 7 of those are coming directly from solar. Oh, and I should point out that we have 4 sets of solar panels, and 3 of them are completely covered in snow. Continue reading

The F-BOM Flash Fiction Contest – Yay!

I’m please to share that my story took second place in F-BOM’s flash fiction contest for December 2017. Yes, I know it’s now officially 2018 — woo, I think that’s the first time I’ve written that — but the winning stories went up this weekend.

You can read my second-place story “Transfer,” as well as the first-place “The Fix” and honorable mentions, over on the F-BOM blog. The contest was judged by the fabulous Intisar Khanani, an F-BOM featured author. F-BOM is a “science fiction, fantasy, and feminist book club” (book of the month, get it?) which focuses on diverse books and related news. Continue reading